Working method
Design can and should initiate innovations and accompany transformation processes. In order to find attractive, individual and long-lasting solutions, I have developed a working method which guarantees customers a tailor-made design that comes at a fair price with transparent costings.

At the very beginning, together with you, I define the problem which needs to be solved. I then observe your competitors and analyse the target group.

Together we decide on an overall structure and look-and-feel with the aim to determine the main creative idea and to define the content as well as the media which support this idea in the most effective and cost-efficient way. Hereby laying the foundation for creating a well balanced end product.

During the implementation of the concept, base elements such as:

• logo
• colour
• font
• picture style
• illustration
• diagram
• format
• paper

are created. After this I work on first layouts, which I present digitally in the form of PDF-files.

Following customer‘s approval technical implementation follows – in most cases completely inhouse. All data are subject to extensive quality control measures prior to delivery. The same applies if I consulted any colleagues I co-operate with.

Concerning the production of print media my contacts to high-quality printers with fair pricing policies are of great benefit. In case you already work closely with a particular printer, I am more than happy to send the print files directly to your printer in PDF format. To deliver on time is my main priority.

I am certainly happy to give advice on choosing the best internet service provider when it comes to hosting your website. Again should you already have one, all I require are the login details of your FTP account in order to arrange the upload of the end files as soon as possible.

Critical review and improvement are important aspects of my work. It is important for me to provide my consulting and design services beyond the point of project completion. I would be grateful for any feedback on the effect the change or new design has on the target group as this helps to suggest and implement improvements to assure long-term commercial success of your business.